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German Auto Pros FAQs


We know you may have a common question, so we've compiled some of the most common questions and answered them for you! Simply click a question below to reveal the answer we have for you.


As always, if you're uncertain about your question please get in contact with us and we'd be more than happy to help you and schedule you for a service appointment! 

General Questions

All this talk about timing belts and timing chains. What's the big deal?

The timing belt service is critical on a Volkswagen or Audi engine. If not replaced at the regular intervals, the timing belt or associated components can fail. This leads to serious internal engine damage, which is very costly!  Preventative maintenance here is quite inexpensive . Check out our timing belt info page here.

Why is my "Check Engine" light staying on? Does it mean my engine is bad?

Usually, the mechanical portion of your engine is OK.  Modern Audi's and VW's have On-Board Diagnostics (OBD), which means that a lot of the system functions in the vehicle are interconnected. The Check Engine Light, or CEL, notifies the driver when there is a component malfunction or error in the system. It can be as simple as a loose fuel cap, or a problem in the emissions system, fuel/ignition troubles, or a number of other problems.

So what do I do if my "CEL" is staying on?

Bring your vehicle into German Auto Pros. We can run a computer scan on the car to see what systems are affected, and advise you on a repair strategy. Continuing to drive the car with the CEL on can affect fuel mileage, and in some cases cause damage to other systems in the car. Also, the vehicle will not pass a state emissions inspection if there are fault codes stored in the onboard computer. We can diagnose and repair the problem, and then clear out any stored codes remaining in the system.

I noticed that my antifreeze is very murky and brownish. Should I be concerned?

Absolutely. If your coolant has not been changed on schedule, or has been mixed with other types of coolant that are not VW/Audi-approved, it can have serious corrosive effects on the engine and cooling system components. Please contact us to schedule in a full coolant flush/fill and inspection.


We will inspect the system, drain out all old liquid, flush the entire system and any contaminants, and refill with the approved coolant.

I hear a "roaring" noise in my front suspension, but only when turning. What is it?

This is normally an indication of a worn-out wheel bearing. We can schedule you in for an inspection and replacement, if necessary.

I want to replace my worn out suspension with a performance setup. What do you recommend?

Suspension really comes down to your personal choice and driving style. A fixed-height suspension such as a "cup kit" or "coilover" suspension is fine for most drivers. Coilovers give you the advantage of setting your own ride height, and also the ability to corner-balance the car for track racing. Cup kits are geared more towards the driver who doesn't wish to go as low  and wants to retain more of a stock-like feel to their suspension confort. 


Air suspension is the ultimate in adjustability. You can set the suspension ultra-low for car shows and gtg's, then raise it back up for driving on the street. It requires the most work for installation, but if that's your preference then we can accommodate you!

What are coil packs, and what is the issue with them on my car?

The coil pack sits on top of each cylinder of the engine and serves as the ignition coil to fire the cylinder. Coil packs have been used for a number of years and by a number of different manufacturers. VWAG uses them in a number of their engines, but –only the 1.8Ts seem to be affected by the relatively large failure for the B5.5. There have been a few reports of 2001.5 engines being affected but it seems to largely affect 2002 and early 2003 engines. (And, it should be noted that notjust Passats are affected. Owners of other VW models and Audi models that use the 1.8T engine are also reporting the same problems.) 


More rare are reports of coil pack issues on the W8 and 3.0 V6 (AVK) engines. However there are TSB's (Technical Service Bulletins) from VW Group on these engines for replacement if they are determined to be defective.

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